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Voice UX: the 10k mile view on our relation with Assistants with Sophie Kleber

Why do we design our assistants so close to humans? Wouldn't it be better to think of the role the assistant rather than a complex if-this-than-that flow? Sophie Kleber, expert in intuitive interfaces shares her clear ideas on how our relation with technology is changing.

Enroute to Berlin

Anja and I are traveling to meet with Sophie Kleber for next week, so this is just to say hello 👋

Voice Design Sprint process by Maaike Coppens

What do you keep in mind when you want to create a good conversational experience? Maaike shares her experience in this episode.

Practical advice on Voice Search by Aleyda Solís

Aleyda Solis, SEO Consultant, author and international keynote speaker on the topic, shares hands-on experience on Voice Search

Voice Search with Microsofts Purna Virji

Purna Virji, Senior Manager Global Engagement at Microsoft and 2019 US Search Personality of the Year shares her knowledge on Voice and Voice Search

Exploring Voice Search with Max Prin

Max Prin, Head of Technical SEO shares his insights on Voice Search Optimisation

The Space Race by Merkle 🚀

We'll be launching the Space Race soon. Listen to this short trailer to learn more.

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